Tuesday, October 30, 2012

16 Weeks and Counting

I’ve been made aware that it is time for another update. The time really is just flying by.
I’m racking my brain for any “interesting” updates…
Mom came back into town and was a tremendous help once again. We ventured to our first major consignment sale (one of those held in a warehouse for just a weekend.) We pulled the trigger and got a great deal on a crib that seems to be new (i.e. no teething marks from previous babies.) It is now in pieces in our garage, waiting to be cleaned and painted. Maybe a Thanksgiving weekend project?

Hurricane Sandy came and went. It turned out not doing as much damage as they anticipated here in NOVA. We never lost power thankfully, and an added bonus- both of us had Monday AND Tuesday off together!! Is it wrong that we soaked it up by staying in bed till 9am (okay, 10:30am one day) and spent the rest of it on the couch watching movies and grading papers?? Friends with babies tell us to soak up these last “hurricane/snow days” because it loses its appeal when there is a little one still making you get up and function early.
Nothing too new to report on the baby front. I am finishing up week 16 and need to get the new camera working so I can post another baby bump picture.
The latest “symptom” has been afternoon headaches that turn into evening & then night headaches. It’s strange, but for the past week, like clockwork, I get a headache starting midday. They started out mild/nagging. As the week went on they got more intense. I’ve tried caffeine, Tylenol, a heating pad, food and sleeping but nothing has helped. When I wake up in the morning it’s gone. I’m just assuming it is one of those pregnancy things that will move on to something else at some point. But just in case, I have my next doctor’s appointment on Thursday. We’ll see what they say.
How far along are you?  rounding out the 16th week
How big is the baby?  about 4.6” long & the size of an avocado
Any weight gain/loss?  Not sure since last post…anxious to see on Thursday
Maternity clothes?  Hit up Old Navy for some black pants & jeans & they are the greatest things EVER!!
Sleep?  sleeping well and often, no more nightly bathroom visits
Baby Movement?  not that I can feel
Belly Button?  Still working its way out…so strange
Cravings?  Still on a Mexican kick-although Mom thinks it’s more about the beans than Mexican since I am also loving chili, pasta fagioli, etc.  Will randomly crave a Cherry Coke for no reason.
Aversions?  avocado/guacamole - still
Gender?  no idea & it’s killing me
Labor signs?  nope
Symptoms?  Just the daily headaches mentioned above & the skin has started itching-mainly the tummy.
What I miss?  Nothing really.
Upcoming appointments?  Thursday the 2nd.
What is next on the To-Do list?  Still needing to learn how to use the new camera & getting the nursery ready to paint.

Monday, October 8, 2012

We've Gone Public...Finally!!

Rosey Cheeks has been shared with the world.
Phew-what a feat it has been getting in touch with everyone we have wanted to talk to. We are still playing phone tag with some of you. People are just not easy to get a hold of these days. I mean, yes there is e-mail and texting, but call us old fashioned,we  preferred voice to voice. I know, I can't complain, as it seems I never answer my phone when people are trying to get a hold of me, the husband included.

A little over a week ago we had our FTS (First Trimester Screening) appointment. This is a time that they run two tests: a sonogram & blood test that assess your baby's risk of having Downs Syndrome and Trisomy 13 & 18. This is an optional test but insurance covers it and in the spirit of always wanting to be prepared, we opted to have it done. During the sonogram we were able to see the little bean on the big screen. I have news folks, baby is no longer a little bean like the last time we saw it... it actually looks like... wait for it... a BABY. There were the arms, legs, teeny toes and fingers & a pretty big head. We got to watch the Little One stretch, roll over, cover its eyes & wave at us. It even got the hiccups while we were watching. A very cool moment for our little family. We also heard the heartbeat which they measured at 162.
After the sonogram we had a meeting with a genetic counselor in which they shared that the sonogram results looked great. A few days later they called back and said the blood test results came back with flying colors as well. We are considered a low risk pregnancy. While these tests are not 100% accurate, they say they are 94% accurate. So we are thankful for the news we have received thus far and will continue to pray for the Little One's growth and health.

Last weekend we took a quick trip down to Asheville to attend Jamie's 10 year reunion. It was a great time, and was so nice to share the news in person with Papaw, Fran & Aunt Kathy. This Baby Mama, picked up her first cold of the pregnancy. And I mean to tell you it knocked me off my feet. Seems that Little One is sucking up all of my defensive juices-so fighting the cold is not something my body is doing well. It has been over a week and seems to be hanging in there. I happen to have my 12 week appointment on the roughest day, and fortunately they were able to prescribe me Amoxicillin in case it is a sinus infection. I have been pretty diligent with that, but trying to stick to only Tylenol in addition. J has been a trooper, putting up with all of my coughing and sniffles and picking up my slack.

I think our first major step in preparing for baby happened this weekend. I finally pulled the trigger (most of you know how tight my fists are) and purchased a real, family camera. We opted for the Cannon Rebel T3i. I have been looking at these and doing my homework for at least 6 months now, and I think the husband is just happy I will finally stop talking about buying one. I figure I have 7 months to play with it before baby arrives. Be prepared for lots of London pictures. :-)  That being said, in the next post I will share a belly picture or two. In the meantime, here are some generic pregnancy updates:

How far along are you?  rounding out the 13th week
How big is the baby?  about 3" long & the size of a peach
Any weight gain/loss?  I was 115 before pregnancy, now at 121 - definite gain
Maternity clothes?  not yet, but the Belly Band is used just about every day
Sleep?  sleeping well, aside from the nightly bathroom visit
Baby Movement?  not that I can feel
Belly Button?  always been a serious inny- but its working its way out
Cravings?  Not really, but I could eat Mexican food any time of the day.
Aversions?  avocado/guacamole - I have no idea why
Gender?  no idea & its killing me
Labor signs?  nope
Symptoms?  I've been a little more short/irritable than usual (the husband says that's putting it nicely) & acne worse than most of my students'

What I miss?  nothing really-since there wasn't much I had to give up... Oh! Sweet Tea & Brie Cheese!!!
Upcoming appointments?  nothing until the end of the month
What is next on the To-Do list?  learning how to use the new camera & finishing up the last bit of unpacking around the house