Monday, November 26, 2012

1/2 Way Mark...

At today's appointment the doctor announced that we were at the half way mark. At which Jamie and I both raised our eyebrows and looked back at each other with an expression of "How did that happen??" In all seriousness, how did that happen? I've been counting the weeks as we go along, but some how week 20 didn't register to me as half way to Little One's debut.

London shared his latest news on Facebook last week. His favorite color is now PINK!!
We had our anatomy scan two weeks ago. At that point Baby Girl was a full 10oz. She was pretty cooperative, letting the tech measure everything she needed and making it clear that she is in fact a she. Actually, the doctor told us today that the report sent over declared the gender as female, and he said in most reports they get don't state the gender since it is hard to be totally sure. So, girl it is. It is crazy the amount of detail these scans show. We could see all the chambers of her heart, every vertebra, each finger and toe. They even looked up her nose. We are so thankful that everything they saw looked perfect and healthy. We are praying that she continues to grow into the strong and healthy baby girl she is becoming.

Speaking of thankful, Happy Belated Thanksgiving. There is so much to be thankful for this year-but I could fill a blog post with things from just this past week:
1) We spent Thanksgiving dinner with the Middletons'. Renee and her sweet family live about 10 minutes down the road from us, but the "small world" thing about it-Renee has known me my whole life. We grew up next door to each other back in Delray Beach. For as long as I can remember Renee babysat Ryan and me. She was that babysitter that a little girl looks to and hopes one day she can be just like her. She went off to college, I grew up as well and our parents remained neighbors for quite a while longer. About 15 years later we live in the same place again, just this time its in Virginia. What a small, crazy world.
Renee and her youngest, Kian.
2) See the above mention of our anatomy scan.

3) There are so many gracious people who love this sweet
Baby Girl and have been spoiling her already. I am trying to snap
pictures of everything since those are guaranteed to last longer than
my memory... just a few of the goodies:
As soon as J's co-workers found out we were having a little girl, they set her up-going to be a daddy's girl.

Shelley, one of the cheer coaches bought Baby Girl her first dress.
Aunt Shelly send a sweet lovey.
Mom (Claudia) has been sewing her heart out as soon as there was news of a Little One. She has made Boppy covers, buntings & nursing covers. So awesome.
Mirian (another co-worker of J's) & Carlos brought us this sweet pink set.

4) J's parents have been in town this past weekend. It has been such a treat having them up here for an extended weekend. They have been working their tails off during their stay. So much for a vacation. They have been such a great help getting some major tasks checked off our list. Thanks to them we have a newly painted front door, house numbers you can see from the road, plenty of fire wood for the winter, a beautifully lit Christmas tree, & the start of Project Nursery. More than that has been done and it is so helpful. We took Sunday off and enjoyed brunch before we attended "A Christmas Carol" at Ford's Theater. We have been hearing that if you live in DC you have to experience that show in that venue. So glad that we did. For a history/government dork like myself, it was pretty awesome just to see the play in Ford's Theater.  

The thankful list is endless, but most of all we are thankful to God for  our family members and friends. You are each so special to us and we could not be more appreciative of your love and support for growing family.   xoxo

Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Veteran's Day

Happy Monday and Happy Veteran's Day from These Rosey Cheeks.

I know it is Monday so we should be gearing up for the week ahead, but at the moment we are winding down from an awesome, fun packed weekend. This weekend was the Edmondson's first trip to NOVA. Shelly, Lee, Curt & even Scout made the trip up and we could not have been more excited. Call us biased, but we think our family is the BEST. We have so much fun with them, and Curt has quadrupled that fun.

Last night we had our best NOVA friends over for chili and brownies. Nate & a very due (tomorrow) Britt came. And our favorite neighbors Nick, Kasey and Khloe joined as well. I can't express enough how much I love having a house full of people. The talking, the laughing, the hollaring and eventual meltdowns-it all makes my heart happy. Curt and Khloe (about two months apart) eventually warmed up to one another. My favorite photos of their budding friendship...

Curt's "CHEESE" face.
Good-bye kisses.
The moment after the kiss. Priceless!!

I don't think either of them can get any cuter!!!

On the baby front, our Anatomy Scan is set for tomorrow. Praying for a strong, healthy little one!! And, assuming everyone (i.e. baby) is cooperating, we should know the gender...any guesses? I've done the Chinese gender charts and most say it is a girl. I've been pretty convinced little one is a girl. I've always envisioned being that soccer mom to a rowdy house full of boys, thus I'm positive God is up there saying "Oh this..." Poof-girls galore. I could be wrong... In the meantime, doesn't matter how much people analyze the pregnancy thus far, it's a toss up:

18 weeks
In the meantime, here is the latest "bump" picture. Just now realizing I forgot to put the number of weeks on it. And yes, it is safe to say I am gaining the weight the doctors were asking for. 

We have not decided how we want to share the news of what Rosey Cheeks is-but we promise not to make you wait for long!! To help pass the time, another picture of the cutest nephew ever. (And if our Little One joins us looking just like their daddy-it is a safe bet this is a glimpse of two years from now.)
Helping Aunt Linds. cook dinner.