Thursday, May 16, 2013

1 Month

Happy 1 Month Graycen!! 

Baby Gray & London

Yesterday marked one month since G graced us with her presence. And just like everyone said, time is flying!!

Here is the monthly update on Graycen. I'm going for the back of a baseball card style.

Name: Graycen

Nicknames of the Month: The Bug, Doodle Bug, G, Baby Gray, Peanut, Sweet Pea

Measurements: 9 lbs. & 21.5"

Hair: mix of dark and light blonde & lots of it
Eyes: dark blue

Latest Developments:
real tears when crying (started 2 days ago)
cooing (started 3 days ago-usually when laid out on the changing table)
gripping & grasping (I love this-makes me feel like she is hugging or holding on)

diaper changes
skin to skin contact
snuggling on anyone's chest
car rides
being held while someone bounces on the exercise ball
being outside (this child loves fresh air!!)

getting dressed-particularly putting arms through any type of sleeve
getting buckled into the car seat
sleeping on her back
having arms swaddled

What Mommy & Daddy Have Learned:
make sure baby is fully passed out before putting her down on her back
babies have a keen sense of when mom & dad's dinner is ready & when their head hits the pillow
how to eat, shower & pee at warp speed

Must Haves
an exercise ball
a Baby Bjorn
white noise machine

Favorite Food:
Mommy's milk & Mommy's milk

Random Happenings:
First road trip (7-8 hours each way) to NC was a huge success-slept the whole way minus stops to eat and change.
We have been taking advantage of her rockstarness when it comes to going out in public. Eating out while we still can. 
Starting to take a pacifier (wasn't a fan at first.)
Learning to take a bottle so that she is ready for when mom goes back to work.
London didn't pay much attention to her at first, but with each day he is becoming more and more watchful of her, makes sure we know when she is crying, and gives her kisses daily.
Still working on some sort of a schedule. She eats about every 2 hours. Sleeping is inconsistent, rare but at times we get a 3-4 hour stretch out of her.

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