Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's a photo explosion...

One day old-sporting her 1st 'NEER gear.

Daddy already thinks she has the prettiest eye lashes, just wait until she can bat them.

The 3 Afflecks before heading home.

They're letting us keep her.

I love when Daddy gets home from work.
I've started gripping onto things, mainly my Daddy-such a Daddy's girl.

Visit from Renee (fun fact: Renee grew up next door to Mommy & was her babysitter.)

Grandma takes such good care of me.

Nap time with Mommy. London never leaves our side.

Visit from Uncle Ryan

Yet another person I have wrapped around my finger.
Just home from the hospital. First family photo.

First bath at home.

Meeting my favorite aunt, Shelly

Meeting my Nana

With my Big Daddy

Just home from the hospital, London has no idea just how much I am about to change his world.

Snoozing with Pops

With Daddy's great friend Nate & meeting my first friend Elsie.

Meeting Elsie's Mommy, Britt.

Thanks for the outfit Ms. Katie!!

Pops, introducing me to roses.

Pops calls me Bug. I'm his Love Bug.

Who needs TV when everyone just watches me all day?

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Meeting cousin Curt.

Hanging out with Uncle "EE"

Got to meet Daddy's best bud, Lawrence.

"What'cho talk'in bout Willis??"

Meeting Nick, Kasey & Miss. Khloe

Funny faces with Daddy
Meeting one of Mommy's co-workers & friend, Ms. Becca.
Cheap babysitter.
Meeting another one of Mommy's co-workers & friend, Mr. Irv.
Hanging out with Nana & Curt during Mother's Day weekend.
Curt loves to hold me.
Curt even wanted to help burp me.
Finally meeting Ms. Judy. (the one who introduced mommy & daddy AND the one who provided the dirt)
Snoozing with Aunt Shelly & Curt
Napping with Nana
Meeting Ms. Kendal & Harper
Cuddling with Ms. Kendal
Making faces with Mommy
Mother's Day
Pops is helping sooth me during the fun evening hours.
Flying with Pops

Napping with Grandma

 Phew!! That is all for now...
xoxo - Baby G

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